Salon Now Open. New Bond Street.
Sotheby’s Diamonds continues the great Sotheby’s tradition of pairing the most discerning collectors with extraordinary works of art.

This venture is a unique partnership between the world’s oldest auction house and Diacore, specialists in the cutting and polishing of extraordinary diamonds for over 70 years and creators of some of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Rare and important diamonds are showcased in dramatic fine jewellery settings, celebrating the essence of all that is encapsulated in the creation of a masterpiece. Designed and crafted within our studio by European craftsmen, these pieces are contemporary in feel, but pay homage to the heritage and expertise that have combined to form Sotheby’s Diamonds.

The salon is itself a precious jewel. Discover our High Jewellery, unique and exceptional creations; the D Flawless Collection of rare, near perfect stones; and Collections, including Steel, Ricci and Belle Époque.

Opening hours are 8.30-5.30 pm daily.
TEL. +44 20 7293 5806

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